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Here is a list of some of the equipment used by our team.  Along with a short explanation of how each piece of equipment is used.

Digital Recorder (EVP)

Electronic voice phenomena, more commonly known as EVP, is when human-sounding voices from an unknown source can be heard on recorded data such as digital recorder, audio tape, radio station noise, and other electronic media. With EVPs, the mysterious voices aren't present at the time of recording. It's only when the audio is played back (sometimes with amplification and noise filtering) that the voices can be heard.


K2 Meter (EMF Detector)

EMF meters measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. Paranormal Investigators theorize that ghosts have the ability to manipulate these fields. An EMF meter is a staple piece of equipment used to detect sources of EMFs, or possible manipulation, in order to document and promote potential communication with these entities.

SLS Camera

An SLS camera (Structured Light Sensor),

has an infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows everything as dots arranged in 3D formation. The software 'sees' people by recognizing joints and movements. The IR will detect paranormal entities that the program recognizes as a human shape based on the body parts and joints.


Spirit/ Ghost Box (EVP)

A spirit, Ghost, or “Franks” box is a device that quickly jumps through AM radio channels, creating a white noise effect. That effect allows spirits or ghosts to communicate by altering energy to create words and phrases.

REM Pod (EMF/Proximity)

REM stands for Radiating Electro-Magneticity. 

A REM Pod has an antenna that covers a range of 360 degrees, it detects disturbances and changes in the area surrounding it. The REM Pod radiates an electro-magnetic field said to create energy for spirits to communicate through.


Portals are used to enhance EVPs captured by a Spirit/Ghost/Frank's Box.

The portal works as an amplifier and speaker. It improves the sound quality by cutting down unwanted noise and enhances the sound with a reverb effect. The amplifier also makes the sound louder and better quality. 

Laser Dot Matrix

Green Laser Grid Pen works by projecting a grid of green dots onto a surface. It allows you to not just see when there is something passing in front of your grid, but also the rough size, movements, and the direction it is traveling.

laser grid.webp

Many paranormal investigators use an infrared thermometer to monitor a room’s temperature and any sudden changes in temperature. An isolated, particularly cold spot in a room can be a sign of an otherwise invisible spirit. Also used to check for drafty windows or AC flow in a room, as these common occurrences can make it seem like paranormal activity is happening.

EM Pump

Electro Magnetic Pump.  Generates an electro magnetic field, creating energy that an entity can theoretically draw upon allowing it to manifest more easily.  Concept is based off of the numerous reports of energy/battery drain experienced during paranormal investigations.

PhotoRoom_20220321_211153 2.jpg

Using closed circuit camera systems on ghost hunts allows you to monitor multiple sites while creating a central control area.  This viewing of multiple sites (ie reported haunted hot spots in a house) allows those who have limited number of people an option for covering more areas during investigations.

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